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Our Menu

Restaurant & Ice Cream

"Opened for the season"



Our delicious Onion Rings, Tabers Dog and Pepper Strips are hand cut and fried in our home made batter.    See Our Take Out Menu

 Hand Dipped Onion Rings
 Hand Dipped Pepper Strips
 French Fries
 Tabers Dog
 ***Garden Burger
 ***South Burger
 ***North Burger
 Big Beef
 Chicken Roll
 Clam Burger
 Big Beef w/cheese
 Tuna Roll
 Bacon Burger
 Lobster Roll
 Bacon Burger w/cheese    
 Clamstrip Roll
 Tuna Melt
 ***South Burger
 Double Hamburger      
 Clam Cake
 Double Cheeseburger       
 Fish Burger
 Tenderloin Steak
 Chef Salad
 Toasted Cheese
 Homemade Cole Slaw
 Grilled Chicken
 Chicken Burger  
 Chicken Nuggets
  Fried Oreo

All our burgers come plain except the Northburg and Southburg, all others you can add anything you would like too.
***Northburg- Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo
***Southburg- Same as Northburg, without the cheese
***Gardenburg- A meatless patty
***Veggiewich- Vegetable sandwich of lettuce, tomato & onion

 Hamburger** (2 Hamburger Patties)       
 Cheeseburger** (2 Cheeseburger Patties)
 Hotdog** (2 Hotdogs) 
 Fish fillet** (2 Fish Fillets )
 Clam Cake* (2 Clam Cakes )  Chicken Nugget

*All plates include French Fries, Salad or Cole Slaw and a Toasted Dinner Roll.


 Regular                                        Small    
              Medium                               Large
 Soda, Ice T, Pink Lemonade  
 Flavored Milk  
 Iced Coffee  
 Apple juice  
 Hot Chocolate, Coffee and Tea    
  (one size only)                        
 Poland Spring Water   (one size only) 
  (one size only) 
 X-tra thick Frappe   (one size only) 
 Low-Fat Frappe   (one size only) 
 Low-Fat X-tra thick Frappe   (one size only) 
  (one size only) 
  (one size only) 
 Ice Cream Soda  
  (one size only) 

Ice Cream Stand

23 flavors of hard serve ice cream including:
Cherry Vanilla, Andes Mint Chip, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Maine Blueberry, and seasonal flavors.

Ice Cream available in: 

Sobert | Yogurt | Low Fat Ice Cream available in: 





 Large  Large
 Shakes   (one size only) 
 Frappes    (one size only) 
 Ice Cream Soda  (one size only) 
Creamcicle Cooler  (one size only) 
 Raspberry Sorbet Cooler  (one size only) 
 Lemon Sorbet Cooler    ( 1 size only)  Sherbert Cooler   (one size only) 

Frappes have milk, ice cream and syrup.            Shakes do not have ice cream.

See our take out menu

Driving Range & Mini Golf

Hours: 10am to Dusk

470 Lake Shore Drive
Auburn, Maine 04210

See Trip Advisory

Miniature Golf | Auburn Maine

Mini Golf at Taber's is great fun for everyone!

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Restaurant & Ice Cream

470 Lake Shore Drive

Auburn, Maine 04210



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